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High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning


Our staff use powerful commercial-grade, hot steam pressure washers, which blast water at high pressure onto surfaces to remove dirt and other unwanted material.

By using our hot pressure washers, we remove the need to use chemical cleaners which avoids leaving behind waste which is harmful to the environment.

For listed buildings, where chemical cleaners may damage old or sensitive building work and features, our pressure washing method or media blasting is ideal.

We use pressure washers for a variety of purposes, including:

  • to clean walls which have been recently covered in graffiti
  • to clean bird waste
  • to remove natural growth such as fungus and moss
  • to clean outdoor areas such as municipal squares, patios & pavements
  • tennis courts, playgrounds
  • to prepare external walls for painting including high access areas
  • to clean building cladding
  • chewing gum removal – for city councils & private sector
  • to remove smoke damage, after a fire

We also use it for internal areas, such as:

  • commercial kitchens (using steam pressure)