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A thorough clean in every room.

Keep your office in mint condition and ready for action with our professional cleaning services.

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Company ready, every day

Never be caught off-guard with a mess on your hands. Our thorough cleaning services will keep your house sparkling and beautiful.

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Indoor, outdoor, and everywhere

We offer extensive cleaning services for all of your corporate or residential needs.

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More experience, greater care, better equipment

Recovering from fire or flood damage is often a long and arduous experience for any business or individual. If it’s your own home, it’s usually a heart-rending one too.

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Commercial Cleaning Specialists

Offering professional, high quality and customer orientated cleaning solutions to a number of sectors, The Eagle Cleaning will look to manage and offer cleaning services that will complement your business

Commercial Cleaning

We make sure that we have highly trained and motivated staff to meet your expectations and to fulfill our aspirations to be the best in the cleaning industry.

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Building Maintenance

Our business partnerships are built on trust and a common purpose that prioritises the needs of the client, their business operation and their property.

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Flood Restoration

Our emergency call-out service means that we can be at your property, to start the drying out process, almost as soon as we receive your call.

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Residential Cleaning

The Eagle Cleaning has the capacities to provide vetted, perfectly trained and fully equipped house cleaning help. 
We offer 100% Satisfaction!

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