Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Is Healthy Cleaning

A green workplace has been found to be safer for employees and visitors alike. Also, in many instances, green cleaning processes are better for your facility. For instance, regular cleaning agents tend to be caustic, wearing out surfaces over time and diminishing the longevity of your facility and your furnishings. Additionally, some cleaners can agitate those with sensitivities to chemicals. That’s why The Eagle Cleaning’s Clean Green program focuses on reducing particulates, harmful emissions, and exposure to caustic agents with: High-capture HEPA filters, Recycled paper products, Sustainable, low-emission green cleaners.

A Green Workplace Is Often Safer

Today, the options available for “cleaning green” are more effective and more abundant than ever before. From new, no-phosphate detergents and scrubs to recycled paper products, it’s easier than ever for businesses to improve their overall impact on the environment without compromising their standards.

We work with your team to provide solutions that help ensure superior cleaning and improved indoor air quality within your place of business, benefiting your employees and visitors. Healthy employees are happier and absenteeism often improves.