The Eagle Cleaning cleaning protocols and standard operating procedures were always at the top of the industry standards for sanitation and are now critically important for today’s COVID-19 environment:

Our staff goes straight to your home in the morning, instead of meeting at the office like with most other employers;

We work predominantly in small teams of only 1 to 2 people and each team only services 2 homes per day;

We wear shoe covers, freshly washed uniforms; masks; and use fresh professional grade micro-fiber cloths at each home.

We offer flexible schedule and support our employees instead of penalizing them when they feel unwell and can’t work;

We offer health and disability benefits to our staff unlike many other competitors;

We carry worker’s compensation insurance so if any of employees get sick at work, they seek treatment and can recuperate instead of having to continue to work;

We carry general liability insurance so if there is any damage or injury from our actions, you are protected.

We do not require you to be at home when we clean and 6+ feet distance is a rule rather than exception. Overwhelming majority of our clients are not at home when we clean as our flat rates are conducive to that.

We allow any client rescheduling of the cleaning without any penalty if there are any signs of any illness, even a cold.

We have extensive experience cleaning for people with chemical sensitivity, elderly, post-surgery, and chemo-therapy patients.

We know, the times are uncertain and the media sounds scary, but the viruses and bacteria do not read the news and they keep multiplying and clinging to the grime and grease in your home. The solution is to clean more, not less. Professionally, not haphazardly.

If you’ve got someone in your family who’s high risk and can’t have us over but need help cleaning, please reach out with any questions! We will share our best tips and solutions for any cleaning challenges you encounter if you must do it yourself. We got this!